Sunday, May 4, 2008


I encourage readers who like Magician's Merger to link to it and tell their friends. Those who might feel uneasy about linking to a story on SOL can link to the mirror on Blogspot.

Part of what has kept me writing this tale is a desire not to disappoint all the people who are reading it. Therefore, the more people who are reading, the more likely I am to keep going--caught in a trap I've set for myself.

The main thing that has prevented me from finishing what I write is self-doubt. It creeps in and I find myself thinking: This stuff is utter crap. Who would ever read this? Seeing that a few thousand people actually are reading it and waiting for more helps me bury the doubt for another chapter.

To those who like the story, thank you.


Sam said...

I have recommended MERGER on the Frank Downey list. I see that at least some folks there have already been reading it.

Xenophon Hendrix said...

Thank you.

rabababa said...

I like it. I like it!

Bill said...

I have read each chapter twice, do I count as 2 readers ;-)

You have a good rating at SOL but don't be concerned when you see that an inferior story has a higher rating. Understand that SOL has a very mixed audience looking for very different things. A great number of the readers there care nothing about plot and read only sex scenes. Also notice that the stories with the highest ratings are often sequels; people who don't like the original story never read or rate the sequel so therefore the sequel gets an artificially high rating....

If I were you I wouldn't worry with the ratings. Instead rest assurred that I and certainly many others believe your story shows much promise!

I myself am no writer but I understand that award winning SciFi author, Orson Scott Card has a writing workshop forum on his site. This is likely a great place to get feedback or support from real writers.

Best Wishes,

Hal said...

By all means, please remain caught in that briar patch!