Thursday, November 27, 2008

Progress Report

I suppose I should say what has been going on. I simply have not been feeling well. Most of the time I have been feeling sluggish, unambitious, and just bad. I've also had frequent headaches, as in several per week. This month, I had a headache that lasted an entire week.

Given the above, any creativity I might have is about dead. Arguing with people on the Internet is about the most to which I can aspire, and I haven't been doing that too well.

The good news is that it probably isn't a mystery about the root cause of this. My blood sugar has been out of control, and that can do all kinds of evil things. My physician has again adjusted my medication. We shall see.

I have made a few notes for an Ursus story that takes place before he merges with Arthur and for more stuff about Arthur that takes place after Magician's Merger. I'm leaning toward the pre-Arthur story as the next thing I put serious effort into.