Thursday, November 27, 2008

Progress Report

I suppose I should say what has been going on. I simply have not been feeling well. Most of the time I have been feeling sluggish, unambitious, and just bad. I've also had frequent headaches, as in several per week. This month, I had a headache that lasted an entire week.

Given the above, any creativity I might have is about dead. Arguing with people on the Internet is about the most to which I can aspire, and I haven't been doing that too well.

The good news is that it probably isn't a mystery about the root cause of this. My blood sugar has been out of control, and that can do all kinds of evil things. My physician has again adjusted my medication. We shall see.

I have made a few notes for an Ursus story that takes place before he merges with Arthur and for more stuff about Arthur that takes place after Magician's Merger. I'm leaning toward the pre-Arthur story as the next thing I put serious effort into.


Mr. Iyus said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling bad, but it's good to know you're writing (or at least thinking about it). Some backstory on Ursus might be interesting, but I'm really curious to see book 2 of "Merger." How are you going to top finding a demon summoner down the street?

So, please keep writing. I'm waiting eagerly for something else, and I'm sure other people are too. Especially the pedal-car guy.

Anonymous said...

I hope your blood sugar is stablizes. I also enjoyed "Merger." I was running low on new things to read and thought of you as a possible source.

haley said...

Hope you're feeling better. I just read through the entirety of Magician's Merger, and I have to compliment you on your writing. The premise of Merger is so gripping that for about three days, whenever I had a free moment at the computer, I would do nothing else but read it. I found that your ability to create realistic characters is just fantastic!

I'll be looking forward to any updates you post, whenever you are feeling up to it again.

Anonymous said...

Why not do the two stories together, with the Ursus backstory as a flashback (or series of flashbacks)? This could be done in lots of ways, e.g.:-

- Arthur could have recurring dreams of Ursus' past life OR
- Ursus could explain to Arthur how to deal with a situation through reference to the event in his past life OR
- Arthur could explain about Ursus to a character (Mary/Kirsten/his mum?) by relating this previous event.

rabababa said...

I, too, hope you feel better.

While of course I look forward to more stories from you, I feel better just knowing that you are still around. Please try to leave some comment on anything at least once a month so we can keep track.

MM was great. Thank you very much for writing it.

Ron said...

Just dropping a line to let you know you have one more fan who has not forgotten about the excellent writing you're capable of.

Proceed at your own pace, but by all means proceed =)

Anonymous said...

keep in mind, for every person that comments, there's another 50 that agree with them.