Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thinking Evil Thoughts

I'm starting to believe that the only way I'm going to get more writing done is to just write and post as I did with Magician's Merger, which is itself an example why that method is not ideal. The plot is imbalanced, and it has several dangling threads and false starts.

On the other hand, trying to write in advance hasn't been getting me anywhere.

I'm kicking around the idea of just writing, calling it the alpha release, and warning people that they are reading at their own risk. It might not get finished. It might fall apart.

Perhaps I should take a page from Alexandra Erin's playbook and make it an open-ended Web serial with no ending promised. Lots of comic strips and television series do it.


Stefan Schmiedl said...

Give it a positive spin ...

"imbalanced" and "dangling threads" means that there is room for balancing and elaborating, either by yourself or in the form of fan fiction.

Get yourself a drink and listen to the regulars telling stories at the Mare Inebrium.

And don't keep us hanging in the air how music and girlfriend work out for our beloved heros.

Andrea said...

LIFE has imbalanced and full of false starts. That's one thing that I like(d?) about Magician's Merger. Sometimes things that seem like they're going to go somewhere just fall away. Sometimes they build up and bite us in the ass later, but sometimes they just go away while we focus on other things.

If you really aren't inspired by Magician's Merger anymore, that's fine. I'll like any story you write. Just don't leave it unfinished because you dislike dangling threads! Take care : )