Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bec by BarBar

I don't think I've recommended this yet: Bec by BarBar is webfiction of the highest quality. BarBar is one of the Web authors who is writing at a nearly professional level of competence. Actually, I've read conventionally published fiction that was much worse.

The novel is about an unusual adolescent girl, a protagonist that I doubt would put off anyone who has been reading my serials. The story is non-fantasy, but the title character is interestingly weird. So is her mother. Highly recommended.

The site linked is Storiesonline, and they publish some stuff that is frankly pornographic, so you might want to take that into consideration if you read at work. Storiesonline demands registration from their readers, but they've never spammed me. I suspect they do it as a form of self-defense, because of some of the material they have.

Bec itself, in my estimation, is probably suited for a teen audience and older. The sexual content is very mild.


sam said...

Bec and its sequel-in-progress Bec 2 : Thanksgiving are indeed very good. They are also available at Beyond the Far Horizon, which like SOL requires free registration. BTFH has several other good stories, with some erotic content but mostly free of porn.

ujj said...

are you going to post soon xh more please keep typing

Xenophon Hendrix said...

The next chapter hasn't been going well.

rabababa said...

>>> Xenophon Hendrix said...

The next chapter hasn't been going well.

How hard could it be? It's a movie date! Just add a little magic and mix well.