Friday, June 13, 2008


We are coming up on the endgame here. There is at most a handful of chapters to go for this "book," I think, and Ursus just informed me that there was no way he could ever go along with the plan I had in mind.

This installment writing has its drawbacks.

I'll try to get chapter 33 out tomorrow.


rabababa said...

A wand! You need a wand to wave! Then Ursus will have to go along with your plan, or at least come up with a better one.

It's ok to end this book, if you have to. Please start volume 2 of the Arthur/Ursus octology right away!

Xenophon Hendrix said...

I need to evaluate what I've learned with this experiment. For one, given my ongoing health problems, posting a book as I write it might not be a good plan for me. It leaves too many people hanging when I can't get the words to flow.

I suspect, now that I know the amount of work involved in a book-length manuscript, that any further installments might be written well in advance.

Ron said...

It's ok to take some time to get it written, but please make sure you keep flogging the magician's merger muse for at least another million words, thanks! =)

Dwight said...

I am enjoying reading the story very much. Your health is more important and Ursus knows it. Try to work out a compromise between the two of you.
I of course want more more and more but with no danger to your health.


Amanda Cast said...

Never be afraid to write in advance. When you feel like writing, just let it lose and do your best to keep on your posting schedual, and never think that you owe your readers (us) 2k to 3k words every time. This is all up to you. It's your muse. It's your words. Sometimes that good old block is going to come, but I have faith that you can power through it.