Friday, March 20, 2009

Chapter 10 Is Up

Chapter 10 of Magician's Integration is up.

Getting this one out was like donating a quart of blood, one drop at a time. I hope Chapter 11 arrives a lot easier.


sam said...

Cool! Now Arthur has an imaginary friend. :-)

rabababa said...

That's funny since I donated blood this past weekend. They couldn't find a good vein on the left arm, so they had to try again on the right. They finally got it done, but I have big bruises on both arms now.

I hope Chapter 11 is easier for you, and that it is as good as all the preceding ones.

ujj said...

more please keep typing take your time dont rush and dont push

Geves said...

Another great chapter. Thanks!

I'm looking forward to reading more about his exploring the metaphorical realm. I seem to remember that accessing the "M" realm was a key step to contacting his familiar. Though that was in the first chapter of book 1 (i think).

UttRat said...

I just found this story, and loved it!! I was just wondering what time (of the day) you usally update

Xenophon Hendrix said...


I haven't kept track of updated times. Guessing, I would say either early or late but seldom in the middle.

UttRat said...

Thanks, i was just wondering when abouts i should check for updates.
Just saying again that i love your story, i would take a guess as to whats coming up, but i think that would be the one way to make sure that what i guess won't happen


ujj said...

when are you posting ch11 please reply

Geves said...

I'm guessing Ch 11 isn't going any easier than 10.

Its kinda funny how you start saying "take your time" then change to "When is it coming please reply."

Though I do agree that the absence of posts on the blog does worry one a bit after almost 2 weeks. (I know Xenophon posted a comment but most wouldn't see that)